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The Sober Sailor Day 2

The Sailor is Back. Needless to say I fell off the wagon… but I did after 5 month. Find out how that happened HERE!


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11 Weeks Sober

Wow… didn’t think I had it in me. I want to write something profound and meaningful… instead I will mark this milestone by saying “it hasn’t been easy, but it hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be either”. One other thing I will say, is that it has been so worth while. I feel great and I am not plagued by regrets, shame and embarrassment. I like the new me. I am still the Sober Sailor!

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The Sober Sailor

Ok, so I have been sober now for five weeks and I am feeling awesome! Over the last five weeks I have spent time looking up information about being alcoholic, the effects of alcohol, withdrawal from alcohol and the positive effects of not drinking…. just to name a few topics of my leisure reading!

I have found some interesting stuff including…

Over thirty ways that alcohol can affect your body and mind!

Five alcohol withdrawal symptoms I suffered from!

Alcohol is more harmful than heroin according to a study by Davis Nutt MD.

Dry for five weeks? Here are the many ways your health improves dramatically in that short time! 

I have also had to learn to cope with social situations!

How did I manage?


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Alcohol-free Life on the High Seas!

Can you not drink rum and still be a pirate? I live on a boat. Socialising and drinking are two very large parts of my life. That is all about to change…

My name is Kali and I’m an alcoholic…. My blog is my diary and it helps me remain focused on my objective – to give up drinking!

Read more about me on my about page and on my diary blog at unpickleme